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How To Get A Gas Stove To Light

There is not one definitive way to light a gas stove. The key is to be patient and try different methods until you find one that works for you. Some people prefer to use a lighter, while others use a match. If your stove has a pilot light, you can also light it by following the instructions in your manual.

How To Get A Gas Stove To Light

There are a few ways to get a gas stove to light. The first is to make sure the stove is turned on and that the knob is in the correct position. Next, light a match and hold it up to the burner. Finally, turn on the gas by turning the knob to the left.

-Matches -Stove -Gas canister

  • Press down on the lighter button and hold it down
  • Turn stove knob to the “light” position
  • Bring the end of the lighter up to the stove knob. the flame should jump from the lighter to the stove knob

below -Check the stove for any damage that may have occurred during transport. If there is any damage, do not use the stove and contact the store or manufacturer. -Ensure that the stove is placed on a level surface and away from any flammable materials before use. -Verify that the knob controlling the flame is in the off position before attempting to light it. -Open the gas valve by turning the knob to the right. The knob will only turn if

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do When Your Gas Stove Won’T Light?

If your gas stove won’t light, you likely have a gas leak. You should evacuate the area and call the fire department.

Can You Light A Gas Oven Manually?

Yes, it is possible to light a gas oven manually. You would need to locate the pilot light (it will be located on the bottom of the oven or near the top) and then use a lighter or match to light it.

How Do You Manually Light A Gas Stove?

There should be a lever or knob at the base of the stove that is turned to the “on” position in order to light the gas. The knob will have a small flame symbol on it. You then need to light a match and hold it up to the gas valve. The gas will light and you can then adjust the flame by turning the knob.


There are several ways to get a gas stove to light. One is to use a match. Another is to use a lighter.

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