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How To Chop Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are a fragrant and flavorful herb that can be used in many dishes. To chop basil leaves, first remove the leaves from the stem. Then, stack the leaves together and roll them up like a cigar. Cut the rolled leaves into thin strips, then crosswise into small pieces.

How To Chop Basil Leaves

Basil leaves can be chopped with a sharp knife. Cut the leaves in half, then stack them on top of each other. Slice the leaves into thin strips, then chop them into small pieces.

A sharp knife, a cutting board, and basil leaves.

  • Slice leaves perpendicular to the roll discard the end of the roll
  • Rinse basil leaves and pat dry
  • Stack leaves and roll into a tight bundle

When chopping basil leaves, be sure to use a sharp knife. Hold the basil leaf in one hand and place the knife in the other hand. Slice the basil leaf in the opposite direction of the stem. Be sure to not cut into the stem, as this will ruin the flavor of the basil leaf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cut Individual Basil Leaves?

Yes, you can cut basil leaves with a sharp knife. Hold the stem of the leaf between your thumb and first two fingers and use a sharp knife to cut the leaf away from the stem.

Should You Chop Fresh Basil?

Yes, you should chop fresh basil. It’s a good way to release the herb’s flavor and aroma.

Should You Pick Basil Leaves Or Cut The Stem?

It is generally recommended to cut the stem of basil leaves, as this will allow the herb to continue to grow.


Basil is a great herb to have on hand, especially for summer dishes. The flavor of basil is at its peak when it is fresh, so it’s important to chop the leaves properly. Here are a few tips: -Hold the basil leaf in your palm, with the stem pointing down. -Use a sharp knife to cut off the stem, then cut the leaf in half. -Chop the leaves by slicing them into thin strips, then chopping them crosswise.

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