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How To Use A Flavia Coffee Machine

A Flavia coffee machine is a great way to make coffee for a large group of people. The machine brews coffee from fresh beans, so the coffee always tastes fresh. The machine also has a variety of settings that allow you to customize your coffee just the way you like it.

How To Use A Flavia Coffee Machine

Flavia coffee machines are one of the most popular coffee machines on the market. They are easy to use, and make a great cup of coffee. Here is how to use a Flavia coffee machine: 1. Fill the water tank with cold water. 2. Plug in the machine and turn it on. 3. Lift up the brew head and place a single-serve pack of coffee into the brew head. 4. Close the brew head

-coffee beans -filter paper -grinder -hot water -jug or pot

  • Open the coffee drawer and fill it with the desired type of coffee
  • Close the coffee drawer
  • Fill the water tank to the indicated line and put it back in place
  • Press the button for the number of

below – descale your machine every 3 months or so, using Flavia descaler – use fresh, cold water – if the water is too hot it can scald the coffee and make it taste bitter – fill the water tank to the MAX line (1.5 liters) – if there isn’t enough water in the tank, your coffee won’t brew properly – use a quality coffee bean – we recommend our own branded beans, which are available from our online store

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use A Flavia Creation 500 Brewer?

I use a Flavia Creation 500 Brewer to make my morning cup of coffee. It is simple to use – I just insert a pod into the brewer, add water, and press the button. The machine makes a great cup of coffee every time.

How Do You Use Flavia Tea?

I use Flavia tea to make iced tea. I brew a strong cup of tea and then pour it over ice. I add sweetener and/or lemon as desired.

How Do You Use Fresh Pack Coffee?

Brewing coffee with a fresh pack is easy – just follow the instructions on the package. The coffee is pre-ground and sealed in an airtight bag, which keeps it fresh for up to two weeks. To brew, simply open the bag, pour the grounds into your coffee maker, and add water.


Flavia coffee machines are easy to use – just add water and coffee! They are a great way to make coffee quickly and easily, without having to wait for a pot to brew.

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