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How To Tell Asparagus Is Bad

There are a few signs to look for when determining whether or not asparagus is bad. If the spears are slimy, have brown spots, or are wilted, then they are likely bad and should not be consumed. Additionally, if the tips of the spears have a foul odor, this is another indication that the vegetable is no longer good to eat.

How To Tell Asparagus Is Bad

There are a few ways to tell if asparagus is bad. The first way is to look at the tips of the spears. If they are mushy, slimy, or discolored, the asparagus is likely bad. Another way to tell is to smell the asparagus. If it smells foul, it is likely bad. Finally, you can taste a small piece of the asparagus. If it tastes sour or bitter, it is likely bad.

To determine whether or not asparagus is bad, you will need a knife, cutting board, and a container. You will also need to wash your hands thoroughly.

  • If the tips are mushy or slimy, the asparagus is bad
  • If the tips are dry or brown, the asparagus is bad
  • Look at the tips of the spears
  • If there are any

-If the tips of the asparagus are brown, then it is bad -If the stalk is bendable, then it is bad -If there is mold on the asparagus, then it is bad

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad To Eat Old Asparagus?

There is no right answer to this question as everyone’s opinion about what is and isn’t bad for them to eat will be different. However, it is generally recommended that people eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible in order to get the most nutritional benefit from them.

What Does Spoiled Asparagus Look Like?

The tips of the spears are often dry, brown, and brittle. The stalk may be soft or rubbery.

How Long Does Asparagus Last In The Fridge?

Asparagus will last in the fridge for up to three days, depending on the freshness of the vegetable when you purchased it.


There are a few key clues that can tell you asparagus is bad. If it is slimy, brown, or smells unpleasant, then it’s time to discard it. Fresh asparagus should be firm and have a slightly bitter taste.

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