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How To Steam Tamales In Instant Pot

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish that can be made with either chicken or pork. The meat is cooked in a sauce and then wrapped in a cornhusk or banana leaf. They are then steamed until cooked through. Tamales can also be made without meat, using a variety of different fillings.

How To Steam Tamales In Instant Pot

Tamales are a traditional dish in many different Latin American countries. They are made of a corn dough, usually filled with meat or vegetables, and then steamed. Traditionally, tamales are made by wrapping the dough in a corn husk and then steaming them for hours. However, there is now a method for making tamales in an instant pot that greatly reduces the cooking time. To make tamales in an instant pot, you will need: -Instant pot

Instant pot 6-8 tamales leaves or corn husks 1 cup of water

  • Close lid and set valve to sealing set manual or pressure cook on high for 12 minutes do a quick release and
  • Pour water into pot and place basket in pot
  • Place tamales in steamer basket

-Tamales can be steamed in an instant pot by adding 1 cup of water to the pot and placing the tamales in a steamer basket. -The tamales should be cooked on high pressure for 18 minutes. -After the cooking time is up, allow the pot to release pressure naturally for 10 minutes before manually releasing the remaining pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Steam Frozen Tamales In An Instant Pot?

You can cook frozen tamales in an Instant Pot for about 15 minutes.

How Long Do I Cook Tamales In The Instant Pot?

Tamales can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour in the Instant Pot, depending on how many you are cooking at once and the recipe you are using.

What Is The Best Way To Steam Frozen Tamales?

The best way to steam frozen tamales is to place them in a steamer basket and steam them over boiling water for about 25 minutes.


Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made of corn dough filled with meat or vegetables and then wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf. They can be steamed or boiled. The instant pot is a great way to steam tamales. Simply fill the pot with water, place the tamales in the steamer basket, and set the timer. The tamales will be cooked through in just a few minutes.

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