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How To Say Chocolate In Spanish

The word for chocolate in Spanish is “chocolate.”

How To Say Chocolate In Spanish

In Spanish, “chocolate” is pronounced “CHO-koh-lay.”

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the word for “chocolate” can vary depending on the region of Spain in which it is spoken. However, some of the more commonly used words for “chocolate” in Spanish include “chocolate,” “chocolates,” and “cacao”.

  • Say “chocolate” in spanish by pronouncing it “chok
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Before learning how to say chocolate in Spanish, it is important to understand that the word for chocolate in Spanish is “chocolate.” As with any language, there are multiple ways to say this word depending on the context. For example, if you are asking for a bar of chocolate, you would say “Quiero una barra de chocolate.” However, if you are referring to the chocolate spread Nutella, you would say “Quiero Nutella.” There

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cómo Say D Say Encanto In English?

How to say “I’m charmed” in English is “I’m charmed”.

¿Cómo Se Dice To Eat En Español How Do You Say To Eat In Spanish?

“Come comer”

¿Cómo Se Dice Come Here?

Come here is translated as “Ven aquí” in Spanish.

In Summary

There are many different ways to say “chocolate” in Spanish, depending on the region. However, the most common way to say it is “chocolate”.

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