How To Recharge Refrigerator Freon

Recharging refrigerator freon is a process that can be done by anyone who has some basic knowledge about refrigerators and air conditioning systems. In most cases, the Freon gas in the system is depleted over time and needs to be replenished in order for the refrigerator to continue to operate properly. The following steps will show you how to recharge refrigerator freon using a kit purchased from a hardware store or home improvement center.

How To Recharge Refrigerator Freon

There are a few ways to recharge refrigerator freon. One is to use a self-contained unit that attaches to the freon line and injects new gas into the system. Another is to use a recharge kit, which is a set of hoses and gauges that allow you to add new gas to the system yourself. The third way is to have a professional service technician do it for you.

Refrigerator Freon recharge kits can be purchased from most hardware stores. The kit will include a Freon tank, gauge, hoses, and adapters.

  • Spray the freon directly into
  • Check the levels of your freon in your refrigerator
  • Open the refrigerator and locate the coils
  • If it is low, purchase a can of freon from a store

-Check the compressor to make sure it is running -If the compressor is not running, turn it off and wait at least 15 minutes before turning it back on -Check the condenser coil for dirt or debris and clean if necessary -Make sure the doors are sealed properly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put Freon In My Refrigerator Myself?

This is not a recommended practice. Only a qualified technician should service refrigerators.

What Kind Of Freon Does A Refrigerator Take?

A refrigerator typically takes Freon R-134a, which is a chlorofluorocarbon.

How Do I Recharge The Freon In My Freezer?

There are a few ways to recharge the Freon in a freezer. One option is to find an auto or repair shop that offers this service. Another option is to purchase a recharge kit, which includes a Freon tank and instructions on how to use it.


Recharging refrigerator freon is a fairly straightforward process. However, it is important to follow the proper steps in order to ensure that the refrigerator is properly recharged.

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