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How To Prime Beer With Sugar

Priming beer with sugar is a process of adding sugar to carbonate the beer. The yeast will eat the sugar and create CO2, which will then be trapped in the beer as it ferments.

How To Prime Beer With Sugar

Priming beer with sugar is a method of adding fermentable sugars to unfermented beer in order to induce a secondary fermentation. This process causes the formation of carbon dioxide gas, which carbonates the beer. Priming can also be used to improve flavor, clarity, and shelf life. There are many different types of sugar that can be used for priming, but the most common is corn sugar (dextrose). When priming beer with sugar, it is important to

-a clean, food-grade bucket that is at least 6 gallons in size -a siphon hose -a racking cane -a bottle filler -5 Campden tablets -1 packet of Champagne yeast -1 cup of sugar

  • Open the beer and pour it into a pot or bowl
  • Add an appropriate amount of sugar to the beer, stirring until it is completely dissolved
  • Pour the beer back into the original bottle or container put the cap

below – Add sugar to beer before serving in order to enhance the flavor profile and carbonation – Beers that are higher in alcohol content do not need as much sugar as those that are lower in alcohol content in order to achieve the same level of carbonation – Use a priming calculator to determine the right amount of sugar to use based on the beer’s OG (original gravity) and FG (final gravity)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Regular Sugar To Prime Beer?

Brewers have been known to use table sugar to prime their beer before packaging. Priming is the process of adding sugar to fermented beer in order to produce carbonation. The yeast will eat the sugar and produce CO2, which will carbonate the beer. Brewers typically use dextrose (a type of glucose) for priming because it is fermentable by all yeast strains and does not add any flavor or color to the beer.

Can I Use Granulated Sugar Instead Of Brewing Sugar?

Brewing sugar is a pure form of sugar that is specifically used for brewing beer. Granulated sugar can be used as a substitute, but it will not provide the same results as brewing sugar.

Can You Use Table Sugar To Brew Beer?

Brewers have been using table sugar to brew beer for centuries. Table sugar is a fermentable sugar that yeast can convert into alcohol. It is a much cheaper and more readily available sugar than malt extract, so it is often used in homebrewing.


Priming beer with sugar is a process of adding fermentable sugars to unfermented beer just prior to bottling. This process causes a small amount of fermentation to take place in the bottle, carbonating the beer. Priming beer with sugar is a simple way to carbonate your homebrew and can be accomplished using one of several methods.

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