How To Pick Up Ender Dragon Egg

Assuming one has already killed the Ender Dragon, picking up the egg can be done by destroying the obsidian pillars around it, then cautiously approaching the egg. It is possible for the egg to teleport above the player and fall, so it is advised to keep moving while destroying the pillars. When all pillars are destroyed, the egg will be vulnerable and can be picked up by simply walking over to it.

3 Steps to Pick Up Ender Dragon Egg

When the ender dragon is defeated in the end, an ender dragon egg will appear on the top of the end island’s central obsidian pillar. The ender dragon egg is a very rare item that can only be obtained by defeating the ender dragon. It is a very valuable item and is often used as a decorative item in player’s bases.

In the game Minecraft, the ender dragon is a powerful boss mob that can be difficult to defeat. One way to make the battle easier is to learn how to pick up ender dragon eggs. These eggs can be used to spawn new ender dragons, which can then be fought and killed. This can be a useful strategy for players who are struggling to defeat the ender dragon on their own.

Step 1: The Ender Dragon Egg Is A Black And Green Egg That Can Be Found In The End

To pick up an ender dragon egg, simply walk up to it and press the “use” button. The egg will then teleport to your inventory.

Step 2: The Ender Dragon Must Be Killed In Order To Obtain The Egg

In order to pick up the ender dragon egg, the player must first kill the ender dragon. This can be done by using a sword, bow, or crossbow. Once the dragon is dead, the player can then pick up the egg by pressing the use key (default “e”).

Step 3: The Egg Can Be Placed On Top Of A Portal To The End To Hatch A Baby Ender Dragon

To pick up an ender dragon egg, simply walk up to it and press the use key. The egg will appear in your inventory and can be placed on top of a portal to the end to hatch a baby ender dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Collect The Ender Dragon Egg In Minecraft?

The Ender dragon egg is a dropped item from the Ender dragon.

Can You Break The Ender Dragon Egg With Silk Touch?

The Ender dragon egg cannot be broken with silk touch.

In The End

There is no one sure way to pick up an ender dragon egg, but some tips include using a fishing rod to try and snag it, or using a build with a lot of platforms to reach it. If all else fails, try using water to push the egg into a corner where it can be more easily accessed.

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