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How To Pick Pomegranates

Pomegranates are a tart and juicy fruit that are a great addition to any dish. When picking pomegranates, look for ones that are shiny and deep red in color. Avoid pomegranates with dull skin or blemishes. Gently squeeze the fruit to see if it is ripe. Ripe pomegranates will yield to gentle pressure.

6 Steps to Pick Pomegranates

Pomegranates are a tart, juicy fruit that is available in supermarkets from October through January. When selecting a pomegranate, look for one that is heavy for its size and has a deep red color. The skin should be intact with no bruising. To eat a pomegranate, cut off the crown and then score the skin around the fruit. Break the fruit open and then scoop out the seeds. The seeds can be eaten as is or used in salads, yogurt, or baked goods.

Pomegranates are a unique and delicious fruit that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Learning how to pick pomegranates can help you get the most out of this versatile fruit. Pomegranates are a great source of antioxidants, which can help protect your body against damage from free radicals. These nutrients can also help improve your overall health by boosting your immune system and aiding in digestion. In addition to their nutritional benefits, pomegranates are also a beautiful fruit that can add a splash of color to any dish. Their bright red color can brighten up any plate, and their unique flavor is a perfect complement to many recipes. Learning how to pick pomegranates can help you

Step 1: Pick A Pomegranate That Is Heavy For Its Size

When picking a pomegranate, it is important to choose one that is heavy for its size. This usually indicates that the fruit is ripe and full of juice. Pomegranates that are light or have wrinkled skin are usually past their prime and will not be as juicy.

Step 2: Check For Bruises Or Any Other Signs Of Damage

Before picking pomegranates, it is important to check for bruises or any other signs of damage. If the fruit is bruised, it is likely to be damaged on the inside as well and should not be picked. Pomegranates that are undamaged and unblemished are the best to pick.

Step 3: The Pomegranate Should Be Firm With A Slightly Give Skin

When picking a pomegranate, look for a fruit that is firm with a slightly give skin. Avoid fruits that are soft or have bruising. Cut the fruit in half and then gently twist the halves apart.Remove the seeds from the fruit by gently breaking them away from the membrane. Once the seeds are removed, rinse them under cold water and enjoy!

Step 4: The Stem Should Be Attached And Green

Start by finding a pomegranate that is heavy for its size with bright, intact skin. Gently roll the fruit on a hard surface to loosen the seeds inside. Cut off the crown end of the fruit and score the skin vertically several times. Carefully pull the fruit open and remove the seeds.

Step 5: Avoid Pomegranates With A Lot Of Broken Seeds

When choosing pomegranates, avoid those with a lot of broken seeds. Broken seeds can indicate that the fruit is past its prime and will be less juicy and flavorful. Instead, select pomegranates that are plump and firm with smooth, unbroken skin.

Step 6: Pomegranates Are Ripe When They Are A Deep Red Color

Pomegranates are ripe when they are a deep red color. To pick a ripe pomegranate, look for one that is heavy for its size and has a deep red color. Gently squeeze the pomegranate to see if it is ripe. If it is, the skin will give slightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pick The Sweetest Pomegranate?

There are a couple ways to pick the sweetest pomegranate. You can either smell the fruit to see if it is ripe and sweet-smelling or you can gently squeeze the fruit to see if it is soft.

How Can You Tell If A Pomegranate Is Sweet Or Sour?

A pomegranate is sweet or sour depending on how much sugar is in it.

How Do You Pick A Sweet Pomegranate?

The best way to pick a sweet pomegranate is to look for one that is deep red in color and feels heavy for its size. You should also avoid pomegranates that have any green or yellow spots.

How Do You Pick A Ripe Pomegranate In The Store?

The best way to pick a ripe pomegranate in the store is to look for one that is plump and firm, with no soft spots. The skin should be deep red in color, and the fruit should feel heavy for its size.


To pick a pomegranate, hold it with the stem facing down and tap it gently on a hard surface. The seeds will fall out into your hand.

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