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How To Move A Gas Stove

Moving a gas stove is not as difficult as it may seem. There are just a few things you need to do in order to safely move your stove.

How To Move A Gas Stove

There are a few ways to move a gas stove. One way is to use a dolly. Another way is to use a piece of wood. Another way is to use a pipe. Another way is to use a strap.

– a gas stove – a helper – a dolly or furniture moving straps – boxes, if necessary

  • If you have a removable top, take
  • Unplug the stove
  • Before you move your gas stove, turn off the gas supply by turning the knob on the stove to “pilot” and then to “off.”

-Check if the stove is gas or electric. Some stoves come with a cord and some do not. If it is an electric stove, you will need to have an electrical outlet nearby. -If the stove has a cord, find the plug and determine which side of the stove it goes in. The plug should have arrows on it that indicate which side is up. There are usually two prongs on the plug. If the stove has a gas line, you will need to

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Move The Location Of An Electric Stove?

You can move the location of an electric stove by relocating the outlet it is plugged into.

Can I Relocate My Stove?

It depends on the stove. Some can be relocated, others cannot.

Can You Move A Gas Stove To Clean Behind?

Theoretically, you should be able to move a gas stove to clean behind it. However, it is not recommended to do so, as you may damage the stove or yourself.


When moving a gas stove, it is important to take caution not to damage the gas line. First, disconnect the gas line from the stove. Next, use a dolly or furniture slider to move the stove. Be sure to keep the dolly or slider underneath the stove so that it does not touch the gas line. Finally, reconnect the gas line to the stove and turn on the gas.

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