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How To Make Dried Kelp In Minecraft

Kelp can be found in oceans, and can be harvested using shears. Once Kelp is obtained, it can be smelted in a furnace to get dried kelp.

4 Steps to Make Dried Kelp In Minecraft

In Minecraft, kelp is a type of plant that can be found in oceans. Kelp can be used to make dried kelp, which is a food item that can be eaten by the player. To make dried kelp, the player will need to first find kelp in an ocean. Once the player has found kelp, they will need to use a crafting table to craft a drying rack. The drying rack can be used to dry the kelp, and once the kelp is dry, it can be placed in a furnace to be smelted into dried kelp.

In a game like Minecraft, it is important to learn how to make things like dried kelp. This is because it can be used for a variety of things, such as food, crafting, and even decoration. Plus, it is a renewable resource, so you can always make more if you need it.

Step 1: To Make Dried Kelp In Minecraft, You Will Need

First, gather some kelp from the water. Next, dry the kelp in the sun or in a furnace. Once the kelp is dry, it can be used as fuel or as a crafting ingredient.

Step 2: A Furnace

In Minecraft, to make dried kelp, you will need kelp and a furnace. Place the kelp in the bottom slot of the furnace and light the furnace. It will take about 10 minutes for the kelp to dry. Once it is dry, it will be in the top slot of the furnace.

Step 3: Burn The Kelp In A Furnace To Create Dried Kelp

To make dried kelp in Minecraft, you need to burn the kelp in a furnace. This will create dried kelp, which can be used as a food or fuel source.

Step 4: Place The Dried Kelp In A Chest

Place the dried kelp in a chest, with the lid closed, to prevent it from going bad. Store the chest in a cool, dark place. Check the kelp periodically, and remove any that has turned bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make Kelp In Minecraft?

To make kelp in Minecraft, you will need to find a kelp plant in a ocean biome. Once you have found a kelp plant, you can break it and obtain kelp.

How Long Does Dried Kelp Last Minecraft?

Dried kelp lasts for 20 minutes in Minecraft.


Dried kelp can be made in Minecraft by obtaining kelp by fishing in a water body or by harvesting it from a dead coral block and then drying the kelp in a furnace.

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