How To Know When Corn Is Ready

Corn is ready to be harvested when the kernels are mature and the husks are dry. There are several ways to test for maturity, including checking the size of the ear, the color of the kernels, and the hardness of the kernel.

How To Know When Corn Is Ready

The best way to know when corn is ready is to look at the husks. The husks should be completely brown and the silks inside them should be dry. If you pull back the husks, the kernels should be plump and filled with milky liquid.

There is no one method to determine when corn is ready. Checking the maturity of corn can be done by looking at the tip of the cob, Kernel color, Silk color and Feel of kernels.

  • Shuck the corn and test a kernel by pressing on it
  • The kernels will be hard and the cob will be brittle
  • If it pops, it’s ready!
  • Look for the silk to turn brown and dry

– Check the kernels for color – they should be a uniform yellow or white – Look for the kernels to be swollen and glossy – Feel the kernels – they should be soft when you pinch them

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Tell When Corn Is Ready To Pick?

The corn is ready to pick when the silk strands at the top of the cob turn brown and dry.

What Happens If You Pick Corn Too Early?

If you pick corn too early, the kernels will be small and the cob will be tough.

How Do You Know When Corn Should Be Picked?

Corn should generally be picked when the silk has turned brown and the kernels are hard.


to harvest Corn is ready to harvest when the ears are fully developed and the kernels are hard. The husks should be green and tightly wrapped around the ear.

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