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How To Get The Ender Dragon’S Egg

The Ender Dragon’s egg is a very rare item that can be found in the End. It can only be obtained by killing the Ender Dragon.

How To Get The Ender Dragon’S Egg

There are a few ways that you can get the ender dragon’s egg. One way is to kill the Ender Dragon and then pick up the egg that she drops. Another way is to build a tower of blocks that is 64 blocks high and then shoot an arrow at the egg that is on the top of the tower.

-Ender Dragon’s Egg -Ender Chest -Pickaxe -Axe -Lava Bucket -Bow and Arrow

  • Enter the end
  • Pick up the ender dragon’s egg
  • Kill the ender dragon

-The ender dragon’s egg is a valuable item that can be obtained by slaying the Ender Dragon. -After the Ender Dragon is defeated, the egg will appear in its place. -The egg can then be collected by breaking it open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Only 1 Ender Dragon Egg In Minecraft?

There can only be one Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft, and that’s the one that the Ender Dragon will lay.

Can You Get Another Ender Egg?

Yes, Ender eggs can be obtained through the use of the /give command.

What Does The Ender Dragon Egg Do?

The Ender dragon egg does not do anything. It is an item that is used for decoration.

To Review

In order to get the ender dragon’s egg, you will need to defeat the ender dragon. Once defeated, the egg will be dropped and can be picked up by the player.

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