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How To Get Cyanide Out Of Cherry Pits

Cyanide is a poisonous compound that can be found in a variety of different plants and foods. It is especially present in the pits of cherries. If someone swallows cyanide, it can cause serious health problems or even death. There are several ways to get the cyanide out of cherry pits, but the most effective way is by using a chemical process.

How To Get Cyanide Out Of Cherry Pits

The first step in getting cyanide out of cherry pits is to crush the pits. This can be done by using a mortar and pestle or a food processor. Once the pits are crushed, they need to be boiled in water for about 10 minutes. After boiling, the water can be strained and the cyanide can be removed from the pits.

-cherry pits -pan or pot -water -vinegar -salt -potassium permanganate

  • soak pits in water for several days 2. change water and soak again 3. discard water and pits 4. boil pits in water 5. add baking soda 6. filter out solids

There are a few ways to get cyanide out of cherry pits. One way is to heat the pits and then pour water over them. The cyanide will dissolve in the water. Another way is to grind the pits and then soak them in water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your Body Digest A Cherry Pit?

The pit of a cherry is not digestible. It will travel through your digestive system mostly intact and could potentially cause an obstruction.

What If My Child Swallowed A Cherry Pit?

If a child swallows a cherry pit, it will likely pass through their system without any issues. However, if the child experiences any discomfort or problems, they should seek medical attention.

How Many Cherry Pits Are Toxic To Humans?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the toxicity of cherry pits varies depending on the species of cherry. However, all cherry pits contain cyanogenic glycosides, which can release cyanide gas when eaten. In small doses, cyanide gas can cause vomiting and dizziness. In high doses, it can be fatal.


There are many ways to get cyanide out of cherry pits. Some methods include using a water bath, using a stovetop, or using a pressure cooker.

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