How To Get An Ender Egg

An ender egg is a rare item that can only be obtained by defeating the Ender Dragon in the End dimension. When the dragon is killed, a white ender egg will appear on top of the ender dragon’s body. This egg can then be picked up and taken to the overworld, where it can be used to hatch a baby ender dragon.

5 Steps to Get An Ender Egg

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In Minecraft, the ender egg is a very rare and valuable item. It can only be found in The End, and is used to spawn an enderman. If you are new to Minecraft, learning how to get an ender egg can be very useful, as it can help you get started in The End, and also give you a valuable item to trade with other players.

Step 1: To Get An Ender Egg, You Must First Find A Dungeon In Minecraft

To get an ender egg, you must first find a dungeon in Minecraft. Inside the dungeon, you will find an ender chest. Inside the ender chest, you will find an ender egg.

Step 2: These Dungeons Are Usually Found Underground, And Are Made Up Of A Series Of Rooms Connected By Hallways

To get an ender egg, you will need to find a dungeon that has one. These dungeons are usually found underground, and are made up of a series of rooms connected by hallways. Once you find the room that contains the ender egg, you will need to break the block that it is sitting on.

Step 3: One Of The Rooms In The Dungeon Will Contain An Ender Chest

In Minecraft, an ender chest is a block that allows a player to store their items in a remote location. An ender egg is a block that can be used to teleport to the ender chest. To get an ender egg, a player must first find an ender chest. Once they have found an ender chest, they must right-click on it with an empty hand. This will open the ender chest’s GUI. In the GUI, the player will see

Step 4: Inside This Chest Will Be An Ender Egg

If you’re looking for an ender egg, then you’ll need to find a stronghold. Once you’ve located a stronghold, head inside and keep an eye out for endermen. When you find one, use a pickaxe to mine the ender egg from their chest.

Step 5: The Egg Can Then Be Placed On The Ground And Will Teleport You To The End, Where You Can Fight The Ender Dragon

To get an ender egg, first find a ender dragon. Then, beat the dragon and it will drop an egg. The egg can then be placed on the ground and will teleport you to the end, where you can fight the ender dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Ender Egg Do Anything?

The Ender egg does not do anything when used in game.

How Do You Get The Ender Dragon Spawn Egg?

The Ender dragon spawn egg is not available in the game.

Can You Craft The Ender Dragon Egg?

Yes, you can craft the Ender dragon egg, but it is a very difficult process.

Will The Ender Egg Ever Hatch?

The answer is currently unknown.


To get an Ender egg, you will need to find an Enderman and kill it. Once you have killed the Enderman, you will be able to take the egg from its body.

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