How To Do Slow Release On Instant Pot

If you’re new to the Instant Pot and pressure cooking in general, you may be wondering how to do a slow release on the Instant Pot. A slow release is when you gradually reduce the pressure in the pot over time, as opposed to using the Quick Release method where you release all of the pressure at once. This is important to do when cooking certain foods, like delicate ones like poultry or fish, so they don’t get overcooked. Here’s how to do a slow

How To Do Slow Release On Instant Pot

Slow release on the Instant Pot is a great way to cook tough cuts of meat so they are fall-apart tender. The process involves cooking the meat on low pressure for a longer amount of time, which breaks down the connective tissues and makes the meat more tender. To do slow release on the Instant Pot, start by adding the desired cut of meat to the pot. Then, add in any desired seasonings or aromatics. Pour in enough water to cover the meat

-Instant pot -Slow release seasoning -Tin foil -Knife -Cutting board -Measuring spoons -Garlic cloves -Extra virgin olive oil -Salt -Pepper

  • Select the “slow release” mode on your instant pot
  • Place the food you want to cook in the pot
  • Secure the lid and make sure the valve is set to “sealing.”

There are a few ways to do a slow release on an Instant Pot. One way is to manually release the pressure after the cooking time is up. Another way is to use the natural release method. With the natural release method, you let the pressure release slowly on its own. This usually takes about 20 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Turn Instant Pot Off For Natural Release?

No, you do not turn the Instant Pot off for natural release.

Do I Need To Turn Off Instant Pot For Natural Release?

Yes, you should turn off the Instant Pot for natural release.

Does Natural Release Happen Automatically?

There is no clear answer, as it depends on the person and situation. Generally speaking, though, natural release does happen automatically, but it can be helped along through techniques like yoga or deep breathing.


Slow release on the instant pot is a great way to cook your food evenly and prevent it from burning. You can do this by adding a cup of water to the pot and placing the food on top of the water. This will create a steam bath for your food and allow it to cook more slowly.

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