How To Can Without A Water Bath

Water bath canning is a process in which sealed cans of food are submerged in boiling water for a set amount of time. This process kills any harmful bacteria and helps to preserve the food inside the can. However, water bath canning is not necessary for all foods. There are a few methods that can be used to can food without a water bath. One such method is known as pressure canning.

How To Can Without A Water Bath

Water bath canning is a popular method of canning because it is a reliable way to prevent food-borne illness. However, there are times when water bath canning is not possible, such as when you are canning high-acid foods in a altitude above 1,000 feet. In these cases, you can use the pressure canner to safely can your food.

-A large pot -Canning jars -Lids -Rings -A jar lifter -A water bath canner or a large pot with a rack

  • Make sure the water covers the jars by at least 1 inch
  • Fill a large pot with water and place the jars in it
  • Bring the water to a boil and let the jars
  • Sterilize your jars and lids

There are a few ways to can food without using a water bath. One is to use a pressure canner. This is a pot that has a special lid that creates high pressure in the pot, making it safe to can low-acid foods. Another way to can food without a water bath is to use the oven. This method is best for low-acid foods, such as vegetables and meats. The food is placed in jars and then baked in the oven at a very high temperature

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Can Without Doing A Water Bath?

You can can without doing a water bath by using a pressure cooker.

Do You Have To Cover Jars With Water When Canning?

When canning fruits or vegetables, you don’t always have to cover the jars with water. But if you are using a boiling water bath as your canning method, then the jars do need to be covered with water.

What Can I Use If I Don’T Have A Water Bath Canner?

If you do not have a water bath canner, you can use a pressure cooker.


Water bath canning is a method of preserving food in jars by heating them in a water bath. This method is used when the food to be preserved is acidic, such as fruits or pickles. The jars are sealed and heated in a pot of boiling water until the contents reach a temperature of 212 degrees F.

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